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По умолчанию PSO2 New Genesis revela algumas novidades

All classes and races are available without PSO2 Meseta spending any money, and you are able to enjoy all mission content at no cost, as well. Premium money (that you spend actual money on) mostly comes into play for upgrading your mission pass, a battle pass-like rewards system that provides you additional, rare rewards as you perform. With a superior mission pass, you receive considerably more rare equipment much more frequently, such as cosmetic items which you can't find elsewhere. Premium currency is also used to play instant-win games that could give additional rare cosmetic products, and also to enlarge your in-game stock storage. Nearly everything directly associated with gameplay is free of charge, so that you can play how you would like, and not have to spend money unless you would like to donate to the sport and find some rare things in the procedure.

Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2), Sega's sci-fi-themed, massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, came out eight years ago for Windows. You might not remember that in case you live in North America, since it did not come out here in the time. It's been a solid two console generations now, but fans of the first Phantasy Star Online will soon enjoy the sequel. Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently free-to-play on the Xbox One, plus a Windows 10 variant will launch later this season (PS4 and Nintendo Switch variants started in Japan in 2016 and 2018, but no word on US releases on those platforms has been given). The game is now in open beta, so we will not give it a review score before it fully releases. However, even in beta form, PSO2 is a action-filled, hack-and-slash-and-shoot adventure with a thorough equipment system and an unobtrusive premium money element.

PSO2's notion is straightforward. The huge shuttle Oracle is exploring the stars to find habitable and resource-filled planets. You are part of ARKS, Oracle's frontline task force to scout these planets and ensure they're safe. That is pretty much the full excuse the game provides before letting you establish a character. You will take your personality through different dangerous surroundings, fighting creatures and collecting loot on the way.

The character development system supplies a generous quantity of customization options. You can choose from four distinct races, each with female and male forms: Humans, Newmans (distance elves), Deumans (space dark elves), and CASTs (robot people). After establishing those traits, you can personalize your own face and body using a variety of characteristics. You can even add unique accessories and tweak add on details such as facial hair, scars, jewelry, and clothing. The majority of these tweaks are entirely cosmetic, however, the race you choose can affect certain stats from the game to some minor extent.

In addition you pick from seven starting classes. The Hunter is a melee-focused tank, the Fighter is a damage-focused, close-quarters warrior, the Ranger is a mid-distance guns expert, the Braver is a mix archer and katana swordfighter, the Force is a wizard-like class that could use exclusive photon (the game's version of magical ) abilities, the Bouncer is a close-quarters melee fighter and photon power consumer, and the Summoner uses pets to perform an assortment of can you buy meseta on pso2 combat functions. Two additional courses, Gunner and Techer, are unlocked later as you perform.
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