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По умолчанию The basics of the feasibility study and the steps of the project feasibility study

The feasibility study is an analytical study that monitors and analyzes all the factors surrounding the project, which will affect the chances of its growth, success and continuity, and control the economic feasibility of entering the project.
The main objective of the project feasibility study is to provide as much information as possible and build objective and logical expectations that reduce risk, risk and uncertainty, and reach a logical decision to adopt the project idea and move to implementation, or neglect the project or change some details that make the project feasible.] 1]
The feasibility study, for example, tells you if the owner of the idea is qualified to manage the project, or if he will need other people to manage, and it also tells you if the project is feasible in a particular place or that changing the location will double the feasibility of the project.
It is worth noting that a successful feasibility study cannot be conducted based on subjective expectations, because the basis of the feasibility study is real data, and how this data is collected and analyzed plays a crucial role in the credibility of the feasibility study.

Objectives of the feasibility study for the project
The feasibility study is used to simulate the project before implementation and compare the pros and cons and help investors understand the circumstances surrounding the project to avoid entering into uncalculated risks or inaccurate expectations. The objectives of the feasibility study for the project can be defined as follows:

Understand and identify all the factors affecting the project (technical, production, economic, legal, marketing, geographic factors, etc.).
Identify problems that the project may face and their impact on investment returns and workflow.
Study the costs of all kinds, the form of profits, their time range and their effectiveness for the investor.
The final and main objective is to determine the feasibility of the project, and whether it is feasible and will provide the investor with the desired results or not.
Types of feasibility study “parts of a project feasibility study”
The feasibility study works on basic axes that can be called types of feasibility study or parts of the project feasibility study. Large projects require more in-depth feasibility studies covering several aspects, while small projects are satisfied with a feasibility study limited to the basics. The types or axes of the feasibility study can be summarized as follows: [2,3,4]
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Technical Feasibility Study: It is a study and analysis of the technical aspects of the project, which includes the workplace, the available technical resources and the technical expertise needed by the project, in addition to the technical and technological resources and requirements of the product or service industry, the type of labor required in terms of expertise and the nature of the contract, and also includes Studying the requirements for incoming and outgoing shipments and methods of payment and payment.[5]
Economic feasibility study for the project: It includes the analysis of costs and returns, and the economic feasibility of the project, part of which is the Financial Feasibility Analysis, which monitors the initial capital of the project, sources of funding, where the money will be spent, what are the expected benefits and investment returns, and all financial matters related to by the project.
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